Spiritual Warrior

 Monthly Coaching Program

for the Young Women ages 18-32

Priestess of Passion

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* ​ Programs and services have 30 days from date of purchase to begin first session or used.  They may be exchanged for other programs or services.   There are no refunds.​.

  Building strength is the ability to take responsibility for the life you desire through right actions and find trust within yourself

Passion and True Power are essential in creating a life of meaning and purpose. 

That takes the confidence and courage found in being a Spiritual Warrior

Today's young women are faced with the challenges of trusting her own intuition, finding confidence and living a life with meaning, purpose and passion. Looking for inspiration, guidance and a trustworthy resource in someone who understands her desire for a life fulfilled with meaning and love combined with success, contribution and ambition. Education, has given her skills, now the task is to apply her skills plus own her unique gifts that add value, worth and confidence in who she is in the world today.  This program is designed exclusively for the young woman who is supported to find her own way. It offers her direction and guidance in learning to apply her own skills, building a foundation for a fruitful life for herself in all areas. Within this program she will find discipline, structure, focus, practice and a plan specific to her uniqueness, creating her own path through her passion. She will achieve a sense of personal accomplishment, learn to use and trust her own intuition, understand her own strengths, learning to use them in a positive constructive way, while most importantly, gain the confidence and courage she needs to spread her wings and fly.

The beauty of becoming a Spiritual Warrior, is in the connection of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical training necessary to build success.

This private 4 month program includes:

  • weekly sessions of strategy, goals setting, celebrations of accomplishment, and coaching
  • a creation of a target, where meaning, purpose and passion lie
  • a nutrition plan and exercise plan
  • time, energy and attention for your creativity and self expression, bringing in inspiration
  • nurturing focus and direction with ambition and a practice for the flow of failure and success
  • a building of courage, strength and trust within self

Sessions are through Zoom video conference

Contact Monica @516-443-8882 or

via email monica@priestessofpassion.com to schedule a complimentary session, to learn about the program