Leading women to build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, activating confidence, personal power and sense of personal identity.

Priestess of Passion

Who is this for?

  • For those of you career women ready to take your life, living and relationships to the next level and committed to fueling your success through a new passionate commitment to yourself which comes from within
  • For those of you career women who want to feel more joy, more passion and accept their life can be better, less achieving and accomplishments more fulfillment
  • For those of you career women who are ready to seriously understand connect with and embrace a deeper aspect of yourself, with trust

Connect with Me

Monica@priestessofpassion.com and let's begin a conversation about:  TO BECOME A QUEEN A 3 Day Deep Dive into your External and Internal Worlds

We can only lead where we have been

It's not about the titles you've earned, the success you've achieve, it's about the Woman You Become

External Reward

The ability to generate success based on your ambition, strength and fierceness controlling outcomes.

This method is powerful and strong.

It has brought you awards, titles, recognition, wealth and all of the benefits of living a successful life.


You crave this passionate connection in other areas of your life.

Be Real.

Be Honest.

You want to feel and receive this level of success within- a way to connect so deeply, richly and intimately with your own identity and love.

The external world excites you, fills you up and it's a roller coaster of feelings, emotions highs and lows.

You have embraced food, money, sex, shopping, your career and outer world points of focus for stimulation, which has held you in a cycle of looking for your next goal to achieve and accomplish. These habits and patterns did the job of avoiding your own feeling, avoiding listening to your own truth and identity.  It has filled you up with the idea of love and success,  leaving you empty, under nourished from that which you desire, Passionate Connection.

Releasing, letting go of all the ways life has abandoned you and ostracized your own freedom, joy and beauty.

This message invites you to reconnect to the intimate void within which expects and desires to be valued, cherished, and loved with a depth of passion which can only come through self love and know who you are as a woman.

For 3 Days Monica will enter your space implementing and activating your true gifts, power and self worth.  Your inner world and outer world will shift, and transform through expansion. This process will uncover and reveal what you desire to truly feel and who you are. As you expand embracing your own worth, value and beauty, the fears, limitations and ruff edges fall by the way side opening you just as the rose opens and reaches for the sun, expanding and unfolding.

You open, you see you feel from a space- new, fresh, fertile and self expressive as the woman you are here to be. The veils lift, the truth unfolds.  This is the void you've been searching to fill outside of yourself. Your Power.  Your Power comes from within as you step into the void passionately committed and fueled by success to fill your cup with your own sense of love, purpose and passion.  

To Become a Queen

A 3 Day Deep Dive into your External and Internal Worlds

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