Leading women to build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, activating confidence, personal power and sense of personal identity.

Priestess of Passion

Courageous Heart

3 Month Inspirational Program

Designed with courage, through your own power and passion

A transformational program for successful career women that holds you to the highest version of yourself.  You'll experience your greatest courage lies at the foundation of your personal Truth, through your courageous heart.  Women have been challenged by the external world, placing false power in external resources, such as relationship, career title, status, money, relationship and time. This objectifying the external world created a false sense of freedom, actually giving away your power to these things. In order to reclaim your true power, and find passion, happiness and joy in your life, it's essential as a woman to reconcile and reconnect to your greatest assets, which come from within. This program is designed for women who are ready to experience true happiness, joy and pleasure in their life, finding freedom through speaking her truth, acting from a place of courage and trusting in her process.  This is for you, if you take actions, want to find a way out of the loop that has kept you stuck, or held you back

Courageous Heart:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions for 3 months, guiding you and holding you to your highest version of yourself
  • A Weekly Strategic Plan focusing on the Energy of Intention and Action. Acting Courageously from your heart
  • Goals that move you and inspire you. Taking actions that hold you accountable.
  • Getting into right relationship with your emotions. Understand your emotions are part of the process and journey. Learn how to navigate them without them overwhelming you, bogging you down or keeping you stuck
  • Handouts, recommendations, tools and exercises to help you on your path. 
  • email support  
  • Free access to Strength Training for Your Energetic Body for the length of your program, plus a bonus of 3 additional months.

*  Programs and services have 30 days from date of purchase to begin first session or used.  They may be exchanged for other programs or services.   There are no refunds.​


*CORE Essence High Priestess Program

6 Month Program

A transformational experience

A woman's greatest power lies in her ability to express herself freely. To feel the fullness of life moving through her.  Like a shining star, your energy radiates passion and purpose for all to see, cherish, value and appreciate.  It is here, CORE Essence, you reallocate your time energy and money to align with your values.  You have everything it takes to create success.  What you desire is more simplicity.  The ability to really enjoy yourself, the life you have created. This level of self acceptance plus connection.  Connection in a way that finds more joy, pleasure and passion in everything you do from your self care, fitness, nutrition, relationship, family, career, finances.  A way that inspires you daily, listens and trust your intuition and finds confidence and leadership at the forefront of your life.

​Being a happy, successful woman does involve self care blended with positive energy. The tools are more than a positive attitude, it asks of yourself to consciously be aware of your thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Training your mental and emotional muscles is just like training your body, it takes a daily practice. Living a life courageously and wholeheartedly means it's time to value~  You.  CORE Essence is designed to support you in each area of your life and lifestyle from emotional, mental and physical strength. You'll build a foundation of health & wellness from exercises that match your spirit, nutrition that raises your energy and self love that brings joy and passion to you. 

You'll create the outcomes you desire by:

  • Focusing on your own inner Core values and beliefs, that make you happy. 
  • Having a plan in place that supports you, designed for your success
  • Flexing your muscles of inspiration, intuition and creativity, to set your course, and take action on. 
  • Being courageous, with inspiration and effortless freedom towards your goals.
  • Living with a new found passion, joy, inner trust and confidence as you live wholeheartedly 

CORE builds your life with passion and personal power in the areas of Health, Love/Family/Relationship, Career, Finances, Self, and Community

Priestess of Passion  
This program includes:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions  
  • Feedback, guidance and coaching to assist you in moving towards your own direction
  • Weekly assignments that are designed to inspire and build towards your desired outcome 
  • A coach who understands you, your desire for freedom and success, and has created my own life this way
  • A nutrition and fitness program that works for you, and builds strength
  • Tools, skills and practical application for your mental, emotional and spiritual strength
  • Email support between sessions
  • Books recommendations & handouts
  • Free access to Strength Training for your Energetic Body for the length of your program plus a bonus of 6 additional months

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