True Power and Passion is found in the

Courage to Live a Wholehearted Life

Illuminating the Riches Within

Priestess of Passion

*CORE Instinct

3 Month Program

A transformational experience for creating CHANGE

When a man shifts from living a life from Ambition to Living a life of Meaning his values change.

The top 5 values when a man decides to shift his life from ambition to meaning:

1. Feeling a connection to Spirit, Spirituality

2. Personal Peace

3. Family, taking care of and providing for his family

4. To live God's Will

5. Honesty

As a man enters a new stage within his life, he moves from the false self driven by Ego to his True Self.  This requires of a retraining his ego or his operating system,  which is composed of thoughts, beliefs and actions. During CORE Instinct, you'll be led to finding and uncovering your personal connection with Spirituality, where your thoughts, beliefs and actions create peace in alignment and integrity  what you want and what you feel. Through CORE Instinct you'll create practices, develop habits that inspire you, to grow and find your . Peace, and find meaning and fulfillment. 

CORE Instinct builds your life from the perspective of Health, Love/Family/Relationship, Career, Finances, Home, Community.  You'll find your Deeper connection to Spirit through a practice of Spirituality.

Priestess of Passion

You'll create the outcomes you desire by:

  • Focusing on your own inner Core values and beliefs. 
  • Energizing your inspiration, intuition and creativity. 
  • Taking actions quickly and effortlessly towards your goals.
  • Living with passion, excitement and inner trust for your success, living your life wholeheartedly.

This program includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute sessions
  • Mindset shifts, positive inspiration for positive actions
  • Email support between sessions
  • Recommendations
  • Progress tracking
  • Books recommendations & handouts

*Clarity Package

Get Started

If you're ready to stop talking, wishing and hoping, choosing to make it happen, the Clarity Package is your first step.  This 3 session package is the smartest way to begin experiencing courage, finding your voice, personal power and your joy.  During your time with me, we’ll create a plan for you that supports your vision, holds you accountable and clear your path~ clarity, action and success.

During these 3 private sessions you will:

  • Acknowledge and recognize things need to change. Then, be clear on what you want, and your commitment to making the changes.
  • Have mindset shifts, which will inspire you
  • Ignite your inner fire. The one which lights up your passion.
  • Lean in to taking appropriate right actions, even if they're a little uncomfortable.

You'll receive:

  • handouts, recommendations and a buzz of juicy positive energy to take action towards your desires
  • 3- 60 minute coaching sessions

*  Programs and services have 30 days from date of purchase to begin first session or used.  They may be exchanged for other programs or services.   There are no refunds.​

*CORE Essence

6 Month Program

A transformational experience

They say when a woman shifts from Ambition to Meaning her values change, her life takes on new meaning.

Top 5 values when a woman chooses meaning as her life purpose:

1. Personal Growth, living a life of meaning

2. Self Esteem, how a woman feels about herself

3. Spirituality, finding a connection bigger than herself

4. Happy

5. Generosity

Being a successful woman involves self care blended with positive energy, fearlessness and a desire to be your best. The tools are more than a positive attitude, it asks of yourself to consciously be aware of your thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Where owning your Power becomes living through your CORE, your Truth. Through CORE Essence, Monica will work with you towards build the skills, and tools necessary for your Personal Growth, where your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength Blend together creating Your Personal Power. Training your personal growth muscle is just like training your body, it takes a daily practice. Living a life of meaning or living wholeheartedly means, own your gifts, your truth and acting from your passion. This program brings you a deeper connection to yourself.

You'll create the outcomes you desire by:

  • Focusing on your own inner Core values and beliefs. 
  • Flexing your muscles of inspiration, intuition and creativity, to set your course. 
  • Opening your Truth, inspiring you in taking right actions quickly and effortlessly towards your goals.
  • Living with passion, excitement and inner trust as you live wholeheartedly 

CORE builds your life with passion and personal power in the areas of Health, Love/Family/Relationship, Career, Finances, Self, and Community

Priestess of Passion  
This program includes:

  • Weekly 45-60 minute sessions *(excludes holidays)
  • Weekly assignments, inspiring action, with focus and commitment towards your goals
  • Nutrition plan to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with ease and grace
  • Tools, skills and practical application for your mental, emotional and spiritual strength
  • Email support between sessions
  • Books recommendations & handouts

Programs that create lasting transformation from the inside out

Bring Out the Best In YOU

3 Month Inspirational Program

Designed with courage, through your own power and passion

A transformational program that holds your hand through change.  You'll experience your greatest courage lies at the foundation of your personal Truth, the Best of Who YOU Are.  Decide, Define and get clear around yourself, what holds meaning to you and makes your heart sing, they hold the key to the joy and pleasure you are looking for.  Discover how your courage within, will Bring Out the Best In YOU. 

Bring Out the Best In YOU:

  • Weekly sessions for 3months, guiding you and holding your hand every step of the way
  • Weekly Plans with the Energy of Intention, Action and Emotion behind it, creating a powerful relationship with yourself
  • Handouts, recommendations, tools and exercises to implement and create changes for you that are authentic, in your truth and make you smile.
  • email support