I help career women build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, increasing their intimate connection with joy pleasure freedom and fulfillment in everyday living.

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Priestess of Passion

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Signature Program for Nutrition & Health 

Are you someone who constantly struggle with your weight, and has a sense of control?   
Focused on losing weight, holding on to control, you'll try everything you can, and frustration sets in when it doesn't work. 
You know you can have the body you want, finding the time, staying disciplined throws you off course every time

Create the Body You Want was designed for success in nutrition & lifestyle.  I designed the program to support clients in achieving the body you Want around food, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  Whether years of poor choices, struggling with food, traveling, dining out, or just cooking better for yourself, you'll learn how to control your eating, and make good food choices, while having a plan that empowers you with food.  I'll create a plan for you that breaks old patterns around food and fitness which have left you drained, empty and unhappy. You'll learn how to feel and be your best with foods that support you and your busy lifestyle. You'll learn to understand the power of food to help you fuel your body, and the power in consistency with your food choices.  This program will inspire your greatest strengths with focus, commitment, passion and success~ Create the Body YOU WANT.​

Create the Body YOU Want 8 Week Program 
Create the Body YOU Want was designed for someone just like you. ​ 

  • You try to eat healthy, yet your weight doesn't change 
  • You wait for tomorrow to “start eating better or exercising”, you use the excuse you're too busy 
  • You've struggled with your weight for so long, it's a problem
  • You want to control every aspect of your life, especially food
  • You know you want to lose weight, you start and stop nutrition and exercise plans all the time
  • You want a food plan and nutrition program that will keep your life simple, yet refined with good quality foods

I'm here to tell you can lose weight and make it easy when: 

  • You eat abundant, delicious foods specific for you, supporting you in weight loss and feeling 

          good about food.

  • You have a plan in place that makes you feel stable, safe and relaxed
  • You have a coach/mentor/teacher who understands you, educates you about food and your body in a way no one else has, motivating you to succeed   
  • You see results, others notice the difference in you, you know it's possible.  It's maintainable and sustainable 

Here's what you can expect from this 8 Week program: 

  • A coach/mentor/teacher who takes you step by step to taking weight off and keeping it off
  • A plan unique to you, your lifestyle and your goals keeping you motivated and inspired while losing weight 
  • Understand your relationship with food 
  • Greater self confidence
  • Foods that add to your energy, weight loss and self image 
  • A sustainable lifestyle that makes eating well easy and simple
  • An exercise program that will support you, unique and custom designed 

Here's how it works: 
For 8 weeks you are committed to your private coaching sessions with Monica Heiz, Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert. 

During your CREATE THE BODY YOU WANT Program:
Receive 8~ 60 minute Private Coaching Calls 

Receive a food list, meal plan and customized program nutrition program
Learn mindset skills around food, body, time and energy

An exercise program
Recognize old outdated patterns and beliefs about food and shift the patterns to Create the Body You Want
Enjoy food and fitness and love your body, all while increasing energy and Creating the Body You Want
Have greater success in all areas of your life. Increasing energy, inspires positive actions in all ways of living