Your Sessions and Training Program Include:

  • A 60 minute workout, specific to your needs and goals. (Training Program includes 2 -60 minute sessions/week)
  • A strong focus and attention on your confidence, inner strength and courage with each session
  • Small actionable workout plan with exercises to build up towards your goals
  • Coaching and conversation that helps you with positive self talk
  • Workout follow up emails after each workout. Stay present and connected to your accomplishments. 

Personal Movement Training

Private Training  Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Mind/Body 

Group Classes 

I love working with clients to bring greater awareness to your physical body, while incorporating movements that feel good.  My skills are a foundation for you to build fitness as a lifestyle, where training becomes a way of life. I'll use a variety of training techniques, to optimize your workouts, improve your fitness levels, and keep you well rounded in all areas of fitness & lifestyle. 
Fitness will provide an avenue of mental, emotional and physical health and strength for you. Through working with me, losing weight, exercising, and creating fitness goals become fun and something to look forward to. I’ll see to it that you're mentally and emotionally stimulated in a way that encourages you, supports you and believes in you. Together we’ll create a plan that keeps you motivated, inspired and achieving your goals. Improve your confidence, self esteem and personal power, to access your Courageous Heart.

Stimulate your body and mind ~ watch your Spirit Soar

Monica Heiz ~ Priestess of Passion

Programs can include:
Physical Training
Strength Training
Rhythmic Movement

Mind/Body Connection



Single Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Monthly: 2x's/Week Training Program *(4 Weeks/month)

Includes a Bonus of 2 Lifestyle Coaching Sessions/month

  True Power and Passion is found in the

Courage to Live a Wholehearted Life

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz is a 25+ year veteran of the Fitness Industry. Throughout her training she has used nutrition & fitness to stay grounded happy and healthy, incorporating different methods into her lifestyle to create positive changes in mind body spirit. Her understanding of the physical body, and the importance of supporting people through their own needs helps her guide them through their own process of finding health & fitness as a lifestyle. Monica specializes giving clients the tools, and insights into fitness & movement that matches their true spirit and long term goals.

Priestess of Passion