Leading women to build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, activating confidence, personal power and sense of personal identity.

Priestess of Passion

"I'm an influencer and visionary with Intuitive and Spiritual wisdom, grounded in practical application and an eye for a bigger perspective as a visionary to create lasting, soul filling transformation. "                         

 Monica Heiz~ Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Through her highly skilled & unique coaching, Monica navigates you to see your gifts, skills and ability to achieve, on purpose with passion, activating your greatest resources.  Recognizing there has been an imbalance in energy~ the masculine for centuries built systems and structures for growth and success, had diminished and dimmed the value of the feminine.  We see it in relationships of business, communities and personal.  This isn't about blame or fault. This is looking at the way women have been unsafe to express themselves fully, to embrace and embody her own truth, trust in self and her intuition. The time is now to build a relationship with your own inner strengths, freeing yourself of the limits and false beliefs others project at you. I've been on this path, embodying and embracing my feminine energy, bringing joy, pleasure and fresh perspective to all those who I met.  My role is to facilitate this initiation for women, to be women first, then have the space to take on all of the roles you as a woman juggle, play and master.

What is Transformation?

Transformation is a process.  The diamond is transformed from coal. The caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.  A pearl transforms from sand.  The common thread in this is SPACE.  Each of these transformations into beauty happens in a safe, sacred protected space.  My work is designed to help women transform through the safe and sacred space I hold. In a safe space a woman can be seen, heard, felt and express her truth, where she drops her guard and allows herself to fully feel.

I'm a risk taker by nature, which consistently asks me to grow.  Rather than fitting into the systems presented to me, I have set out building and creating a way of living that matches my own independent nature, and values the life experience and career path I have been on. I value people, relationships, connection, maturity and growth, which takes a different, a complimentary set of skills and tools than money, time and work. All of these play into the way we live, and the life we lead.  Through my guidance and leadership, you'll uncover, examine and look at the beliefs, and programming set before you- if they match your own beliefs or if they are holding you back, limiting your potential.  It's my genius to work with you to uncover these beliefs, and provide you the support and sacred space for you to grow beyond them.

Passion; Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible.

Priestess; a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement), the female head or chief proponent, as of a movement or doctrine.

Monica's Accomplishments

  • B.S in Food and Nutrition from Florida State University
  • 2005 National Aerobic Champion
  • Certified FirstLine Therapy, Lifestyle Medicine by Metagenics
  • Scholarship Recipient for Full STOTT Pilates Training
  • Trained by Tom Myers in Anatomy Trains 
  • WellCoaches Wellness Coach Training
  • NKT, NueroKinetic Therapy Trained
  • 15+ years of Shamanic, Spiritual & Universal Law Training & Application
  • Competitive Fitness Athlete for 10+ years
  • Fitness Expert.  Group Fitness Instructor & Trainer for 20+ years​