Implementing the Feminine into your Daily Living

Now that we've established your Feminine energy holds so much power towards your joy, pleasure, happiness and fulfillment and much needed in Corporate America, how do you begin to cultivate, design and implement your Feminine Energy into your daily living.

That's why I designed and created this 8 week program.  Now, you may think, 8 weeks? How can I learn, implement and take actions from this new space in 8 weeks and juggle all of my responsibilities and priorities.

My goal and vision for you in this program is to get in, to get into your most intimate spaces and light you up, inspire you so that it becomes natural, intuitive and "normal" for you to embrace, and embody your Feminine Energy.

You see, women by nature are, "space holders".  When we are Filled Up with Stuff, other people's stuff, ideas of what we do, making sure not to drop anything we actually disrupt and disconnect us from our own source~ our source of flow, which is a Divinely Feminine Quality.  So, as you learn to implement these fresh actions and understand a new level of language and communication, you find a sense of freedom, flow , joy and pleasure that leave you~ breathless with sheer joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Are you ready take yourself to the next level, this is your invitation. Contact me at 516-443-8882 or  We'll schedule a call together. The goal of this call and our time together is for you to understand and see all the ways you can implement the feminine energy into your daily living, and how it will positively make an impact for you. 

Implementing the Feminine Energy into your Daily Living

Priestess of Passion

There is this prevalent emotional stress around career women.  Working to gain greater success & fulfillment. Trying to juggle all of the roles she plays, missing the part of herself she feels is, missing.

It is missing.  As a career woman, you've needed to use your skills, your focus and energy towards the bigger picture, fitting into the systems and structures within Corporate America. The environment of Corporate America has been governed, with rules and standards by the Masculine.

Your Feminine energy is your support system with how you feel, how you connect and how you experience joy, pleasure and fulfillment.

It's here, the feminine has a different way to communicate. Her language and actions are designed to create positive, inspiring and successful relationships and outcomes.

The Feminine way always hold the highest version of health, success and accomplishment, aimed at building positive outcomes and relationships.

The Masculine way has held the concept and actions of threat, power over, and a sense of entitlement.

Now is your time as a career women to begin to repair, restore and heal this dynamic relationship in Corporate America that has run its course.  It's the younger generations who will gain from the positive actions and choices you make today to reclaim your power and your energy.

This Feminine Energy you restore within is your light, the essence of who you are. It's where you feel free, bold and beautiful.  It is the pathway to joy, pleasure, happiness and fulfillment. It is where you understand you, you as a woman, relinquishing the roles you play to stand firmly in your power, passion and purpose.  It's where you decide to identify  your own energy and slip into it, embracing enjoying and embodying your own feminine energy.

Relationships are built on the ability for 2 people to exchange~ a giving and receiving~ For you as an individual to grow, personally and professionally, this exchange doesn't carry projections of worry, fear, abandonment or loss.

What does this mean for you as a professional woman? As a woman who strives for excellence and purpose in your career and personal life, you are consistently placed in situations, experiences that take time, money and energy~ in order to create more joy, pleasure, freedom and fulfillment.
Often you are more focused on conflict resolution, giving more, or just stepping back from the fire thrown by others projections.

Learning to embrace and embody your feminine energy is grounded in self trust. What this provides for you is the distinction to trust your intuition, to settle into your own sense of purpose, contribution and presence.

Building relationships for a woman who embraces and embodies her feminine energy, provides her the skills to see other people's projections, and to listen and trust her own sense of worth, value and identity. There is a feeling of expansion, of personal power and sweetness that partners with the masculine energy, bringing in a clear focus where the relationships grow through language, clear open communication and safety for all involved.

Feminine energy diffuses the imbalance of giving and receiving, building a harmonious platform for the relationships.

You as a woman, find peace, freedom, joy and a sense of accomplishment that is not based on time, energy or money. It's based on your greatest asset and resource~ your ability to love.

If you're a career woman, ready take yourself to the next level, I invite you to join me. This invitation is for you if you want to see shifts in your energy, more joy, pleasure and fulfillment in your work, and to fill the space within, the void that has been missing. I can help you build it.

How do you Trust me, a woman?

I am the reflection of your own feminine energy, I hold no attachments.

Your feminine energy, offers you a sense of flow, not chaos or fire. She offers you trust build on sense of self, not control over fears. She offers you guidance through your intuition, where your inner knowing personal power and passion are connected to the highest version of you.

You're here to make an impact, to create and implement great changes in business.

  Leading women to build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, activating confidence, personal power and sense of personal identity.