I help career women build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, increasing their intimate connection with joy pleasure freedom and fulfillment in everyday living.

Priestess of Passion

Priestess of Passion

Powwow is a conversation between Monica, Priestess of Passion and your Community or your Business.
An Interactive Discussion for Values, Action and Meditation.

As you spend most of your time at work, finding ways to being healthy, happy, vibrant and free of stress are essential for you. Community and Business Lifestyle and Wellness Powwows are designed to shed light, inspire and motivate on the impact of your values, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and actions in relationship to success, health, energy and happiness ~ "the Why" behind it's importance. You'll gain practical skills to make inspired decisions, with courage, trust and self love. You'll find peace through body mind spirit and meditation, and how the benefits can make a profound impact in your health and overall well being.  From increasing energy, an increase in self esteem, confidence and self image, to becoming more engaged in your contribution and understanding your role in community, plus how lifestyle and wellness play a significant role in health, vitality and success.

Community Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow Highlights:

  • The impact of values, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and action and the benefit, creativity, planning and meditation plays on health and well being
  • Capitalizing on team work, community values, synergy and a sense of accomplishment for the health & well being in community where everyone finds success and happiness
  • The influence of a positive lifestyle mind body spirit holds for success and happiness

Why a Community Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow?

Talking to communities or businesses about values, actions and meditation gives you information and empowers you to make good decisions, as well as inspiring you into trying new things to add to your health and well being. Actions, beliefs and mindset affects your energy levels, your ability to think and make good decisions, your feelings about yourself, your self worth and the way you handle yourself in a positive way. To think and be positive, you must create a lifestyle and practices that support you in doing so.  We begin the journey here.

How does Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow help Community?

People are the keystone to success and the ability for the community or business to thrive and grow.  Implementing simple, yet powerful changes in lifestyle and well being will create substantial changes in the environment and culture for the benefit of the community or business. Happier, healthier, and a more empowered people leads to greater feeling of fulfillment, joy,  positive energy,  greater success and a very powerful culture.   

Contact Monica at monica@priestessofpassion.com to set up a Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow for your Community or Business either in person or over Zoom Conference Calling

Community Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow