Leading women to build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, activating confidence, personal power and sense of personal identity.

Priestess of Passion

Priestess of Passion

Powwow is a conversation between Monica, Priestess of Passion and your Community or your Business.
An Interactive Discussion for the dynamic relationship of the masculine and feminine.

Today's culture of business, family and community is building relationships wherein the masculine and feminine work in partnership to thrive.  As society has come to a cross roads for change, the old script of the masculine and feminine are being revealed through "toxic masculinity" and the "me too" movement.  This calls for men, women and community to be in conversations, where the old is exposed and the new, has a safe space to allow for integration.  This transition requires men and women to recognize old triggers patterns and behaviors, which sometimes bring up conflict.  Learning to discuss, have healthy confrontation for each side to be seen and heard is the application of conflict resolution, the foundation for implementing healthy resolutions for all. 

Powwows are designed to shed light, inspire and motivate men and women on the impact of your own values, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and actions in relationship to the masculine and feminine, not necessarily men and women, actually the qualities of masculine and feminine from a inclusive and comprehensive validation of your own self and in relationship to your environment.  You'll gain practical skills to understand and identify important inherent qualities of the true masculine and feminine with courage, trust and self love. You'll learn to understand how to access peace through right language during a time of conflict and how this moves you forward towards Spiritual Adulthood a place of wealth consciousness. The growth, self acceptance and personal power you gain frees you from the past programming.  From increasing energy, an increase in self esteem, confidence and self image, to becoming more engaged in your contribution, understanding your role in community, plus how you as a man or woman hold true power in a state of neutrality, where you shine.

Community Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow Highlights:

  • The impact of the identities/roles society has placed on women and men writing a story and creating experiences which had people suffering and created conflict
  • Building a new language, a relationship dynamic with the masculine and feminine that is grounded and applicable in trust, listening and valuing people
  • The influence right relationship of the masculine and feminine have on all areas of self, how you show up and who you step forward to be with joy, happiness and fulfillment

Why a Community Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow?

Talking to communities or businesses about the dynamic relationship of the masculine and feminine gives a clean space for the new to be integrated as the old communication of masculine and feminine are being destroyed.  This conversation is designed to give you the knowledge and wisdom to begin making the necessary healthy changes as society switches into a more inclusive lifestyle of business, home and community.  

How does Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow help Community?

People are the keystone to success and the ability for the community or business to thrive and grow.  Implementing simple, yet powerful changes in communication while identifying triggers and conflict will create substantial changes in the environment and culture for the benefit of the community or business. Happier, healthier, and a more empowered people leads to greater feeling of fulfillment, joy,  positive energy,  greater success and a very powerful culture.   

Contact Monica at monica@priestessofpassion.com to set up a Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow for your Community or Business either in person or over Zoom Conference Calling

Community Lifestyle and Wellness Powwow