True Power and Passion is found in the

Courage to Live a Wholehearted Life

Illuminating the Riches Within

Priestess of Passion

Illuminate and fall in love with the true beauty joy and pleasure of being a woman. 

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5 Essential Daily Habits for Women and the Sacred Feminine

The Power and Passion of Being a Woman
Embracing Your Feminine Sexual Energy

Feminine Sexual Energy is Passion and Power. It’s located in your second Chakra, it’s the place of feeling and emotions, finances and sexuality.  
It is true freedom expressed out in the world.

For women, being in our feminine relates to our value and worth in the world and it is expressed through our ability to be authentic, abundant, beautiful, radiant and full.

Through the centuries in order to stay safe, women gave up our power. To fit in, women, who are naturally unabashedly fully expressive and joyful, clear her way of living and being in the world makes her happy and free, dimmed her light, turning her back on her truth. It's our connection to our most intimate self, our true power and passion radiates and shines through. Here, rooted and grounded in your trust and belief in yourself.  Your strength in your emotional well being is so grounded, connected and accountable to yourself, bringing your gifts for all to see, feel and touch, through the connection of your courageous heart.  It is the power and passion of being a woman who is in touch with her sexuality, the depths of her pleasure where self love and personal power lives for her to be safe, happy, and free.

Join us for this inspiring Workshop:
Your feminine sexual energy is the Life Force restoring you to balance; nourishing your Spirit.

* Learn to understand the true power you have as a woman and the way your feminine sexual energy works for you through love, wisdom and courage
*Uncover ways you have been giving away your power, your feminine sexual energy unknowingly and how to hold good boundaries
* Learn how to BE in your feminine to connect with your partner, and others through this magical way of Being in the world.  
*Find a sense of purpose as you connect, radiate and embrace your feminine sexual energy
* Learn to give yourself more without self sacrifice for others.

Where:   Panera 222 Yamato Road
When:     February 24 at 3pm
Pre-register by Wednesday February 21st: $30 click here to register
After February 21th: $45
Workshop space is limited

Children are welcome~ There will be coloring activities available for them
***A beverage of your choice, coffee, tea, iced coffee or iced tea will be served

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Cultivating the Goddess Energy Within
Infusing Creativity, Energy and Fulfillment into your Everyday Life

Goddess Energy is defined as a magnetic, attractive force bringing ease and flow to your life.  In her beauty and fullness, Goddess Energy creates a place of more inner focus, softer, and deeper ; richer, quieter, and more powerfully present. It is through this process you learn to hold your power, honoring your sacred space. Your sacred space respects your No as No and your Yes as Yes. You speak up, releasing the need to please others, take on guilt or accept other people’s negative vibes. You are a Goddess and this is your land of happiness, joy and pleasure.

By increasing your understanding of these various energies you open to opportunities, creating and expressing yourself more fully in the world. Learning from the lineage of Goddesses, you reconnect with your own inner knowing, your power, and your truth, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Bring creativity, energy and fulfillment into your everyday life as you cultivate your Goddess within.

Join us and participate in this Workshop:
* For inspiration and feelings of excitement that comes from something new and fresh
* Be a part of something new, big and full of energy, that empowers you as a woman
* Experience more out of life, creating flow and ease in your lifestyle without the burden of other people’s negativity
* Say YES to yourself and honoring your sacred space as a Goddess
* You know you desire more, energy and fulfillment, you want solutions that feel good, and to share them with others

Where:   Panera 222 Yamato Road
When:     February 10th at 3pm

Pre -register by Wednesday February 14th: $30   click here to register~ Cultivating the Goddess Energy Within  

At the door: $45
Workshop space is limited

Children are welcome~ There will be coloring activities available for them

***A beverage of your choice, coffee, tea, iced coffee or iced tea will be served
“Above all be the heroine of your own life, not the victim” Nora Ephron

​Priestess of Passion