Women, and Men
When men are predators
Standing in your place of power, owning your self worth.

Women have a very unique and special energy, her joy and passion.  This is a gift she bestows upon a man either in relationship, casual or one night stands. The important aspect for young women to understand, trust and know is how to own her own self worth.  

Men at points, will do or say what they feel is right to be with a woman, to feel and have her energy.  This isn’t a right or wrong, or good or bad.  This is to bring awareness and attention to what a woman needs to look for before she commits to being with a man intimately.  This workshop is designed for women to begin to recognize the ways she gives her power away to a man, based on his promises, his affection or just her desire to feel wanted.

The concept here during this workshop isn’t to judge men or women. It’s designed for women to understand and gain skills and tools how to discern which men are worthy of her affection, time and intimacy.  It’s not necessarily a commitment, it’s more about an exchange where mutual value and respect is given and received, and that means in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. 

I know, when women understand the true value of the energy she brings to a man she will no longer tolerate being mistreated. She will no longer go looking for a man to validate her worth and she will learn to speak up and trust in what she wants from a man she is willing to give her energy and attention to.

Join me, for this exceptional workshop to:

  • Learn to understand what you as a woman need to discern and hear from men through their actions, habits, patterns
  • Listen to what men are saying to you, if it’s genuine for your best interest or does it serve his needs
  • Gain knowledge, skills and tools with how to approach your own needs in a relationships without being needy, actually coming from your place of power, your self worth

***A beverage of your choice, coffee, iced coffee, tea or iced tea will be served

Monica Heiz is an influencer and visionary with intuitive and spiritual wisdom grounded in practical application. She is a 25+ year veteran of the Fitness Industry. The most impactful event in her life, led her to make the decision to stay on her career path and run from the man she loves. Unwilling to play victim, helpless, or give up on her own dreams of building a fabulous and successful fitness and lifestyle career, these weren't options.  She has learned the true power of her energy and of women, that is the life line for men. Monica has experienced the need for men to be and have women in their life for their own good, which doesn't always have the best outcome or a woman's best interest at heart. These lessons have required her to open her heart in ways once unimaginable, hold good boundaries and have conversations that were uncomfortable.  It brought out a courage and self love only possible by the desires of her feminine heart.  Her understanding of the gift women are, and the needs of men, has opened her to supporting young women through their own journey, guiding them to value their own sexuality, emotional and mental health. Monica specializes giving clients the tools, and insights into their own courageous heart that matches their true spirit and long term goals.

Venus Love Lifestyle

Bringing more beauty, pleasure and joy to women of community
Monthly Community for transforming your relationships

Cultivated through the new paradigm of being a woman with connection, intimacy ~body mind spirit, trusting yourself and your intuition, letting your true power and passion shine, radiate and illuminate.  She is your inner Priestess building better relationships for you, your families and communities.

The Emotional Strength a Woman carries opens the pathway to her Truest Self, where she meets her happiness, truth, passion, power and greatest love.  Learning to step into your flow, find your path, trust your wisdom, accessing your most fulfilled, satisfied and joyful self begins when you stop searching outside of yourself for the answers.
Topics and information will include: Personal Power, Emotional Strength, Feminine Essence and understanding how to relate to the Masculine, Nutrition and Food to nourish your spirit, Fitness, Health and Healing for self responsibility, Money as a tool to build, create and enjoy your lifestyle, connections, and relationships for happiness, inspiration, and understanding how to apply it taking right actions for positive outcomes and new growth.

Values. Living and honoring values that are essential for your strength, power and passion

Each week this community based gathering of women will educate and inspire you in new ways that match the feminine essence of joy, pleasure and beauty. We have been living in a society based on the masculine, systems and structures, with it’s very linear thinking of black and white, where it projects power over people. Women have an incredible ability to lead, heal and listen to their own truth, your inner knowing, intuition.  With this magical gift, when a woman focuses her attention on her inner world, trusting in herself and her true power, Magic Happens. Lives and relationships transform. It is through this power and passion of Venus Love Lifestyle we support, encourage and honor one another as women, through her own unique magic and self expression.

Monthly topic include:

Your Courageous Heart. Acting from a place of Self Love
Standing in your place of power
Emotional strength

Connecting to your Personal Value System, Your True Essence

You’ll be given tools and skills each workshop to uncover ways you have been giving away your power.  Learning to speak and talk directly from a place of assertiveness that will hold good boundaries, speak direct without story and reflect the message of your truth from your heart and soul. Understanding how feelings of guilt, worry, and other people’s suffering are interfering with your decision to honor and value yourself in order to make them feel safe. As you dive in and begin taking actions, watch your confidence grow, finding a sense of empowerment, not from ego, rather from your courageous heart, of justice, love and service. As we go through this process your emotions will be challenged, your feelings will come up to be felt and releases. It is here in community we can hold space, see each other for the unfolding of past programming and negative emotions to come up be felt with love compassion and surrender into the light, coming through re-birthed into your Crone~ a woman of power

There will be a group community page for each other to share insights, wisdom and experiences as well as ask for ideas and perspectives from other women. There will be opportunity to share breakthroughs and celebrations of success.

The community program is $105/month
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Children are welcome~ There will be coloring activities available for them

***A beverage of your choice, coffee, tea, iced coffee or iced tea will be served
“Above all be the heroine of your own life, not the victim” Nora Ephron

​Priestess of Passion

  True Power and Passion is found in the

Courage to Live a Wholehearted Life

Illuminating the Riches Within

Priestess of Passion

Illuminate and fall in love with the true beauty joy and pleasure of being a woman. 

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