Priestess of Passion

Wild and Free~ Spiritual Warrior Training
Meditation Practice and connection within Yourself

For Young Women ages 18- 26

  • Do you ever wonder how some people feel so much freedom?
  • Do you want more control and power over your everyday relationships?
  • Do you truly desire to feel your Spirit with freedom, independence and total joy?

Learning to find your place of personal power in this crazy world requires you to understand the power you do have and how to use it.  Join Monica in this 3 part series as she teaches the skills necessary to gain confidence, focusing your attention on your personal development and to trust in yourself and your greatest gifts.

During this Practice and application, you’ll learn skills and tools to build confidence and strength through your own connection with yourself. To truly gain freedom and independence, as this practice is geared, it will teach you how to create habits, and take actions that support your personal sacred space, developing a strong, clear and loving relationship with yourself.  This training is designed as a platform to light the way for each participant providing you a step by step plan of action and create community with like minded young adults.

Join Monica in this 3 part Series as she inspires, creates and works to build this power and strength within you Body Mind and Spirit, bringing your Self Love into Motion

Location: Patch Reef Park Picnic Area   
Off Yamato Road, just a bit west of Military Trail


Saturday November 18th  11am
Saturday December 2nd    2pm
Saturday December 16th   2pm
You’re invited to attend one or all 3 sessions.

Email to RSVP

Presented by Monica Heiz B.S. Nutrition & Fitness FSU, Owner Priestess of Passion

What to Bring:

A Yoga Mat or Towel


A notebook and pen 

​A piece of fruit

Phone   516-443-8882    Email   

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Full Moon Ceremony for the women of Community

Honoring and celebrating the Triple Goddess

The moon, moving in cycles from full moon to new moon is ever flowing representing Feminine Energy.  The full moon gives us an opportunity to release the old, clearing space, and letting go of limitations and providing healing.  As so above, so below.  This feminine energy within each of us is calling to be healed, to be seen, validated, and heard, for your own beauty, power, health and well being to shine through. It is through your feminine energy, you feel, connect and receive nourishment for the True Self.

Join Monica and Ana during this Full Moon Ceremony, as we let go of the old, celebrate the Divine Feminine and connect our hearts within our own Triple Goddess.

As we gather in sacred ceremony under the Full Moon, we’ll honor the Triple Goddess within each of us, Maiden~ Mother ~ Crone.  It is through her truth a woman finds herself, and in this truth she creates a new world for herself.

It is in her Power and Passion that we heal, love and create.

  • Be open to the mysteries that will unfold before you.

  • Be vulnerable to express yourself among women who see you, value you and celebrate you.

  • Be trustworthy to the messages of your heart and soul

Feminine Essence is the candle in the dark, the light that shines the way.  Come join us as we create a wave, rippling out into the community.  When one shines, we all shine together.

Location: Patch Reef Park Picnic Area

Off Yamato Road, just west of Military Trail

Date: Sunday December 3rd Time: TBA

Email to RSVP

​Priestess of Passion

  True Power and Passion is found in the

Courage to Live a Wholehearted Life

Illuminating the Riches Within