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Priestess of Passion

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Strength Training for your Energetic Body

A monthly group to build repair heal and strengthen the Energy System of the Chakra’s

Most people lack a structure to take their passion out into the world, or don't even know what their passion is.  A disconnect had occurred through trauma, safety and security fears, and a misuse of power over, through adults projecting limits and fears onto you as a child.

By tapping into your true power and establishing new behavior patterns that match your desired outcome, you can gain strength courage wisdom knowledge power and trust in yourself. This connects you to action, through inspiration,  your Spirit in Action ~ in Spirit.  This observes and explores the area adults had instilled fear and had taken love from you.  It through this system you repair, replenish and restore your connection, to your truest self- Your Own Identity

It's created by building a practice of wisdom, heart, and courage, you begin to show up in a new way, your Self Expression, powerful and passion in all you do.  As you begin to understand why you are in your experiences, from the positive or negative, you can shift your behaviors, thoughts, feelings and actions to access your positive state in your Energetic Body.

One of the greatest benefits of Understanding your Energetic System is gaining the inspiration and turning it into knowledge and action.  It truly is your source of Inspiration, which translates to the Spirit in Action

You’ll learn

  • How to keep your energy clean & clear
  • How to find your place of power and act from it taking right action
  • How to navigate a new pathway for yourself, one that come from your own truth and where you want to go

Just as strength training improves and strengthens your muscles, and eating clean reduces toxicity and health risks, optimizing your body, strength training for your energetic body takes it one step further, keeping your energy channels, your source of flow, power and confidence clean and clear, showing up more engaged and being more courageous.

Each week you’ll have an assignment to focus, act and practice the skill of Training your energetic body, your chakra system for strength, power, confidence and trust in yourself.

You’ll have the opportunity to go at your own pace, and place your focus and attention on the topic and area that means the most to you. So there is no needing to follow a step by step program.

You’ll learn how to connect to you energy and use it in a way that commits, focuses and directs your attention, power and time towards that which you want to achieve, feel and have more of

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Monthly program is $23

​Priestess of Passion