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Priestess of Passion

Mastermind. Aligning Leaders in Community

I'm looking for 14 men and women to create a Mastermind. These men and women must possess the qualities and values of: commitment, focus, assertiveness, passionate, self responsibility, resourceful, action oriented and decision making. It does not matter if you are a CEO, Dr, Stay at Home Mom, Business Executive, Teacher, Healing or Fitness Professional. What is essential is, you must possess a strong value system as mentioned above.

The Purpose: To Create an Alliance of Likeminded men and women who commit to living their values and purpose. In this Alliance, a vortex of common ground is built, together we are stronger. The path is for us, as a community of Leaders is to Model by example, what it means to live Wholeheartedly. What it looks like to live by your values and purpose, supporting, collaborating and contributing. This is a practice we all share in common. Living Wholeheartedly is built on a series of habits and practice in Excellence.

In living wholeheartedly you have released the beliefs of time, money and energy as Power. In aligning Leaders who live wholeheartedly, we linking up our skills, gifts, talents and leadership in forming the extraordinary- Leading by example- Modeling, Inspiring, Motivating, Encouraging, and Celebrating the Success that bestows Personal Power- The True Power of Success. It is here as we come together we elevate, creating a ripple effect, out into the community. You choose this path to make a difference, create an impact, and most importantly stand true to your values.

This is for 14 men and women who are willing and ready. You carry the strength, tenacity, passion and most importantly you take ownership of your Personal Power.

This will be a personal journey for each man and woman as well as for the power of community.

I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.
Breakfast will be served, along with afternoon replenishing lite bites

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Being a feminine woman in today's world provides women the opportunity to stand in her value and personal power while being passionate and authentic to herself. Of course changing the conversation with money gives women a new relationship with her self worth as well as a source of her personal power. I believe money is a tool, it's used to build things, let things grow, invest in our unique lifestyles as well as giving to that which we believe in. These are natural Feminine principles of abundance. I also believe money in and of itself has no power, it does have energy, currency and value. Money ebbs, flows and dances. 
Your thoughts, beliefs and actions with money is what hold the key for greater success in your life, in all areas~ It's an inner relationship which reflects out in the world based on your choices, actions and way of being. 

Are you ready to create a new powerful and passionate relationship with money?

External & internal worlds operate in cooperation with each other. First, to create something we must think it up on an internal level, these are your thoughts. These thoughts when loving, joyful, positive, playful and creative bring about wonderful results in the external world.

And, the more we as women honor our deepest desire to connect, nourish our soul, speak our truth, live authentically and embody the joy of pleasure of our senses, the more we come together to support each other in fulfillment. Money plays a role in this, it has a place, and now it is time to embody the true meaning of affluence.

Being eloquently skillful in transitions of change and self care in the form of internal needs, I have found my true inner strength, beauty, passion and power. Through navigating the negatives and positives of my internal world, I gained security in the world on my own terms, within my own values and my own relationship with money. As thoughts are money, they grow, share and make a positive difference in the world. I want you to be a part of this positive change. In finding your true inner strength, beauty, passion and power, you'll uncover the richest part of yourself.

It's always about you, in the most positive way, and as I mentioned above your internal relationship with money matters. Your attention, presence, connection and actions with money plays a powerful role in your health, happiness, fulfillment and success out in the world. It's not money that makes you successful, it's having the courage, confidence and power to say YES, taking action~ allowing money to flow from within. When you as a women realize your greatest gifts, truest potential and real assets are within, you begin taking action with a fierceness, commitment and passion like no other. A woman who embraces her true essence, power and passion.

Here's a peek into a few of the benefits you’ll receive from Ebb, Flow and Dance with Money~ Creating a New Relationship with Money

  • Uncover your limiting beliefs about money

  • Step into a fresh relationship with money. One that suits the woman you are today and the lifestyle you love

  • Gain the wisdom, knowledge and ability to take positive aligned action with money

  • Claim your money beliefs and values that feel true, beautiful and powerful to you

  • Gather with likeminded women who desire a deeper connection with her health and emotional strength, while navigating the world with her own power and passion, from truth, courage and love

This will be a small intimate group of 14 women, space is limited.
Breakfast & afternoon light bites will be served

  • If you are a woman ready to shift your relationship with money and need direction, a plan and organization, this is perfect for you.

  • If your a woman who desires a greater value and worth in the world through your own source of power, this event is for you

  • In deepest respect, if you want to play victim to your circumstances, or don't recognize their is a value in paying for goods and services which elevates you to be a better person, and empowers you, this is not the right event for you. This is truly a unique experience for women who know She is, A Once in A Lifetime Kind of Woman 

I look forward to you embarking on this journey with me

Ebb, Flow and Dance with Money~ Creating a New Relationship with Money

​Priestess of Passion