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An Exclusive Athleta Event

Join Us Sunday September 17th 10am-12pm, Athleta of Boca Raton, Town Center
She Power: Tapping into Your Greatest Power

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She Power: Tapping into Your Greatest Power

  • Did you ever think your greatest strength is what's found inside of you?

  • Do you spend more time and pay more attention to your outer strength, judging yourself on what is strong, beautiful and fit?

  • Are you ready for greater confidence, less negative self talk and less self doubt?

  • Are you ready to make yourself a priority, all of you, body, mind and spirit?

It all begins with you.
Your journey to greater self love, a more joyful and fulfilling relationship with yourself,  involves taking the first step.

During this Training Program, Monica Heiz of Priestess of Passion will focus on Your inner strength, the power you truly do have, body mind spirit.  Monica will lead you through a workout journey to embrace all the aspects of you that make you strong, beautiful and fit, lightening your load and putting a spring in your step. You'll learn how to connect more fully to your body mind and spirit whether during your workouts, or just a daily practice of finding a sense of peace and presence tapping into your greatest power.

Join the fun in creating acai bowls and intimate shopping

Registration: $25    

Through her highly skilled & unique coaching, Monica navigates you to see your gifts, skills and ability to achieve, on purpose with passion, activating your greatest resources. She provides you a bright light, a space to take action and thrive while holding you to your highest potential.  By illuminating the riches within, Monica helps people find their own true meaning of fulfillment.  

Body Mind Spirit     Priestess of Passion

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