*CORE Instinct

6 Month Program

A transformational experience for creating CHANGE

When a man shifts from living a life from Ambition to Living a life of Meaning his values change.

The top 5 values when a man decides to shift his life from ambition to meaning:

1. Feeling a connection to Spirit, Spirituality

2. Personal Peace

3. Family, taking care of and providing for his family

4. To live God's Will

5. Honesty

A man commits to a better relationship with his health, his mental and emotional 

well being, through his lifestyle choices of nutrition, exercise and meditation. 

He decides to treat his body as the Maserati it is. 

As a man enters a new stage within his life, he moves from the false self driven by Ego to his True Self.  This requires a retraining of his ego or his operating system, which is composed of thoughts, beliefs and actions. During CORE Instinct, you'll be led to find and uncover your personal connection with Spirituality.  This is where your thoughts, beliefs and actions create peace in alignment and integrity with what you want and what you feel.  You have a plan in place for your nutrition and exercise and peace of mind that gives you freedom to enjoy your lifestyle of luxury while staying committed to a focused practice that does not limit or stifle your freedom. Through CORE Instinct you'll create practices, and develop habits that inspire you to grow and find your Peace, finding meaning and fulfillment, true success. One of the greatest gifts through this work is finding right relationship with your work, your values and the people you love, shifting your relationship with time, money and energy and adding in a strong foundation of nutrition, exercise and meditation.  You'll be guided to understand your emotions and feelings as a compass, a compass that moves you forward in right action without attachment to them being a sign of weakness or vulnerability, rather a connection to your inner truth, your purpose and your passion.  This is for you if you know what success is. You have developed skills and strengths that have you stand out as a leader, taking ownership and responsibility for everything in your life. This program is designed to build character in you through a solid foundation of nutrition, fitness, meditation and lifestyle through a strategy that matches your lifestyle, goals and vision.  This nutrition plan is developed for the masculine man who enjoys fine dining, and his life of luxury.

CORE Instinct builds your life from the perspective of Health, Love/Family/Relationship, Career, Finances, Home, Community.  You'll find your Deeper connection to Spirit through a practice of Spirituality.

Priestess of Passion

You'll create the outcomes you desire by:

  • Focusing on your own inner Core values and beliefs. 
  • Energizing your inspiration, intuition and creativity. 
  • Taking actions quickly and effortlessly towards your goals.
  • Living with passion, excitement and inner trust for your success, living your life wholeheartedly.
  • Letting go of your need to know, your need to be right. You decide to walk a new path.
  • Trusting with an incredible amount of belief in yourself, your ability to find happiness and fulfillment

This program includes:

  • Weekly 45- 60-minute Zoom sessions
  • 1 weekly videos, including motivation and inspiration to keep you focused on your weekly goals and desires outcomes. 
  • A nutrition, fitness, meditation and lifestyle plan- with strategy to match the luxury, rich lifestyle you lead.  It keeps you focused and on point without limiting and stifling you 
  • Mindset shifts, positive inspiration for positive actions
  • Email support between sessions
  • Recommendations, strategy with disciplined focus and a plan
  • Progress tracking
  • Books recommendations & handouts

Time to find your peace with passion & purpose 

Courageous Heart

3 Month Inspirational Program

Designed with courage, through your own power and passion

A transformational program that holds you to the highest version of yourself.  You'll experience your greatest courage lies at the foundation of your personal Truth, through your courageous heart.  Women have been challenged by the external world, placing false power in external resources, such as relationship, career title, status, money, relationship and time. This objectifying the external world created a false sense of freedom, actually giving away your power to these things. In order to reclaim your true power, and find passion, happiness and joy in your life, it's essential as a woman to reconcile and reconnect to your greatest assets, which come from within. This program is designed for women who are ready to experience true happiness, joy and pleasure in their life, finding freedom through speaking her truth, acting from a place of courage and trusting in her process.  This is for you, if you take actions, want to find a way out of the loop that has kept you stuck, or held you back

Courageous Heart:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions for 3 months, guiding you and holding you to your highest version of yourself
  • A Weekly Strategic Plan focusing on the Energy of Intention and Action. Acting Courageously from your heart
  • Goals that move you and inspire you. Taking actions that hold you accountable.
  • Getting into right relationship with your emotions. Understand your emotions are part of the process and journey. Learn how to navigate them without them overwhelming you, bogging you down or keeping you stuck
  • Handouts, recommendations, tools and exercises to help you on your path. 
  • email support  

 Step into your Personal Power 

*  Programs and services have 30 days from date of purchase to begin first session or used.  They may be exchanged for other programs or services.   There are no refunds.​

*CORE Essence

6 Month Program

A transformational experience

A woman's greatest power lies in her ability to express herself freely. To feel the fullness of life moving through her.  Like a shining star, her energy radiates passion and purpose for all to see, cherish, value and appreciate. As she has been through pain, suffering, trauma and is really ready to step forward, desiring more from life and stop accepting the limits and hurts others project at her.  It is here, CORE Essence, you gains Emotional Strength.  In this deep and powerful program, you free yourself from the negativity, limiting beliefs and patterns, hurt and pain. You gain power, learning to understand the patterns happening in your life, and together we create a safe space for you to let go, stand up for yourself. You'll beginning to create habit and patterns that support your health mind body spirit, physically, mentally and emotionally.  This program will incorporate all aspects of you and your lifestyle that need attention, and focus, areas you are ready to take control of and bring in more joy, happiness and satisfaction, releasing the burdens, not enough, not ready yet and lack of feeling important, worthy and in control.

​Being a happy woman involves self care blended with positive energy, courageous heart and a desire to be your best. The tools are more than a positive attitude, it asks of yourself to consciously be aware of your thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Training your emotional strength  muscle is just like training your body, it takes a daily practice. Living a life courageously and wholeheartedly means it's time to value~  You.  CORE Essence is designed to support you in each area of your life and lifestyle from emotional, mental and physical strength. You'll build a foundation of health & wellness from exercises that match your spirit, nutrition that raises your energy and self love that brings joy and passion to you. 

You'll create the outcomes you desire by:

  • Focusing on your own inner Core values and beliefs, that make you happy. 
  • Having a plan in place that supports you, designed for your success
  • Flexing your muscles of inspiration, intuition and creativity, to set your course, and take action on. 
  • Being courageous, with inspiration and effortless freedom towards your goals.
  • Living with a new found passion, joy, inner trust and confidence as you live wholeheartedly 

CORE builds your life with passion and personal power in the areas of Health, Love/Family/Relationship, Career, Finances, Self, and Community

Priestess of Passion  
This program includes:

  • 6 monthly sessions per month that's about 2 sessions each week.  Sessions are via Zoom 
  • 2 weekly videos, including motivation and inspiration to keep you focused on your weekly goals and desires outcomes.  
  • Weekly assignments, inspiring action, with focus and commitment towards your goals
  • A coach who understands you, your desire for freedom and success, and has created my own life this way
  • Tools, skills and practical application for your mental, emotional and spiritual strength
  • Email support between sessions
  • Books recommendations & handouts

  This is for you women who know you are meant to be courageous, wild & free                                                                

Programs that create lasting transformation from the inside out

*Guided Action

The connection between the ground beneath me and the sky above me

The 5 steps to clear purposeful action

Tuning into your intuition and listening to the messages is the key leading to action and action is the fuel that leads to success.
Trust is the Key and Passion is the Fuel~
Priestess of Passion

This Individual 8 Week Program is geared to support and guide you how to take actions step by step towards your desired goals, or the changes you are looking to make.  What you’ll learn, is the skills to listen to your intuition AND Take the actions necessary to move forward. You see, if you’re like most people you may hear your intuition BUT DECIDE TO WAIT UNTIL THE MESSAGE GETS CLEARER OR YOUR KNOW AND TRUST BECAUSE.  This is the real issue with procrastination and stuckness. AND, yet there are distractions that get caught in the way too, so the fears become too overwhelming, the “things you see that are real”. My role in this Private Program is to teach you and be there for you to cross into listening to your intuition and taking right action. This means, that everyday, you will be given the opportunity to take actions towards your goals.  It’s building strength in taking action, just like you build your body muscles through exercise.  This is for you if you know you are ready to take actions and don't know where to begin. This is it, the Time is Now.

What you’ll receive:

  • 8 private coaching sessions with me through Zoom.
  • Beginning of the week video coaching plan with motivation, inspiration and strategy to hit your target, staying confident and positive
  • Weekly action steps to take, creating focus, follow through, commitment and faith & trust in the uncertainty- crossing the monkey bars.  This is essential for personal growth and creating positive forward motion changes.
  • You'll learn my 5 step process to clear purposeful action, this means your actions hold meaning, and where there is meaning and purpose, there is passion. And Passion is the Fuel for action.
  • How to move from stuckness, busy-ness and the unknown into action

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*Clarity Package

Get Started

If you're ready to stop talking, wishing and hoping, choosing to make it happen, the Clarity Package is your first step.  This 3 session package is the smartest way to begin experiencing courage, finding your voice, personal power and your joy.  During your time with me, we’ll create a plan for you that supports your vision, holds you accountable and clear your path~ clarity, action and success.

During these 3 private sessions you will:

  • Acknowledge and recognize things need to change. Then, be clear on what you want, and your commitment to making the changes.
  • Have mindset shifts, which will inspire you
  • Ignite your inner fire. The one which lights up your passion.
  • Lean in to taking appropriate right actions, even if they're a little uncomfortable.

You'll receive:

  • handouts, recommendations and positive energy directed into actions towards your desires
  • Weekly accountability, small actionable steps with big results 
  • 3- 60 minute  Zoom coaching sessions

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Connection and Emotion 

4 Month Exponential Program

The gateway to understanding your emotions, while holding you powerful as the empowered masculine

Men have a different operating system when it comes to business and personal with their emotions.  It's not personal.
Men operate in their own version of what it means to be a man.  At times, he gets caught in the storm of competing, needing to prove himself, striving, staying ahead of the pack.  The storm is his emotions not having a clear path and process in order to keep him in flow. Another way men's emotions show up as triggering him and needing to be opened and expressed, is his trigger emotionally by a woman. This feeling has appeared in men as disrespect, sabotage, unworthy of love, guilt, shame and blame. Rewiring your emotions from the man you are,  will uncover blocks that have held you back held you stuck. Once the channel is clear, your energy level increases and you are less impacted by your emotions and the triggers thst show up. You can hold your energy without the need to retreat, lash out, hide or feel a sense of unworthiness.  Understanding your emotions have a polarity- either negative or positive.  When you clear, and cut through the negative emotions that have been stuck and held in your emotions, you shift the emotions, uncovering the true nature of your emotions- the positive.  Positive emotions free you to experience more joy, pleasure, happiness and fulfillment without an attachment to anything, a need to please, or take anything personal.  It is your positive emotions that you access your true Power, which is grounded in Self.

What you'll receive:

  • Weekly coaching session through Zoom
  • A new way to understand your emotions, one that holds you powerful
  • A system to identify your negative emotions and the charge they are holding and a process to clear them and release them
  • A foundation of positive emotions that ground you deeper and more fuller in your true self
  • A consistent, and steady plan that allows you to dig deep while still honoring your masculine
  • A way to understand the emotions through a woman's perspective to teach and educate you the dynamics of women
  • A quick laser focused way to move beyond the limitations that have held you back. This becomes your normal through strategy and practice

The outcomes you'll achieve:

  • A strong foundation for your emotions. A clarity of when a trigger arises, and the confidence in it not affecting you
  • A power that beams through, as your emotions are the gateway to personal power and passion
  • A system to stay connected to your actions, with a simplicity of emotions that move you forward, emotions that work for you.
  • A way to engage positively with your emotions without a need to feel them overtaking you, holding personal power and health over your own emotions

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  Write Yourself a New Story

by releasing limitations and false beliefs 

with Passion SelfExpression &Love

Priestess of Passion