Write Yourself a New Story

by releasing limitations and false beliefs 

with Passion SelfExpression &Love

Meditation for Success
Finding Your Peace in Business & Life

In today's society, business and life are moving so quickly, it's a challenge to stay centered and focused. For years, businesses have recognized the value of health through fitness, exercise and nutrition for greater success and happiness. While keeping physically healthy has proven to be a key component in productivity and keeping medical costs down, maintaining a positive mental attitude is now being recognized as an even greater asset. When given time to focus within through meditation, people return to their work task with more clarity, more ideas for solutions and problem solving, a greater capacity to deal with others and most importantly a strong sense of self, self confidence and inner resolve to get the job done with passion and success.

Join Monica as she moves you through Mediation for success and learn:

  • The power of being in mediation and the complement to success in business
  • How you tap into some of your greatest qualities and skills through mental stimulation.

  • What it means to be engaged, mentally and emotionally for a positive, fulfilling experience.
  • How to focus within, increasing clarity and ideas for positive results in business
  • To keep your energy flowing

Contact Monica at monica@priestessofpassion.com to schedule your Business or Community- Group Meditation


Peace for the Mind Body and Spirit

This is a time of great change. Join Monica for Meditation to focus your mind, clear your emotions and find your heart. It is in this space, based on family, community and values we find simple steps to inspire, create and grow through love justice and service. We become present to the feelings and we nourish ourselves.  This meditation will give you space to be present to the priorities in your life, family and business, while processing the next best steps for action in your life. It is the time you spend cultivating a relationship with yourself you gain the power and wisdom to heal and move forward.

This Meditation is Designed:

  • To claim your power back. Uncover all the ways you stopped in fear, begin to take new actions
  • To feel your feelings. Everywhere you shut down and turned off what you really feel
  • To find your courage. To listen to the true message of your heart and spirit, what you deeply and truly desire
  • To love, cherish and honor yourself leaving all negative, self sabotaging behaviors behind in the past

Priestess of Passion