Building strength is the ability to take responsibility for the life you desire through right actions and find trust within yourself

Priestess of Passion

What brings me pleasure and joy working with clients and attributes to her success?

  • Attention- a woman who desires to place attention into her growth, her health and trust herself

  • Money- A woman with a good relationship with her money and choosing to invest in herself.

  • Sense of desire- A woman with a belief in herself- things can change. You may not know how, and steps into trust with courage.

  • Willingness- A woman with a willingness to feel, to be present and trust the process of uncovering her own truth, personal power, passion, joy and pleasure

  • Surrender, letting go- A surrender and letting go into an unfolding of her truest self

Our Mission

  • You are not defined or limited by the story others tell you 

  • When you identify what you want, what it means to you, you can build and create a path towards it

  • You, and only you, know what you are capable of and what matters most to you.

  • It's time you trust your inner wisdom one that speaks from your heart, with passion, power and purpose

  • Invest your resources in you, in building and creating the life you want to

Welcome to my Sacred and Nourishing Space

What does it mean to take responsibility and find trust within yourself?

Our Programs and Services

Our programs and services are grounded in family values.  When a woman is able to nurture, nourish and support her own identity and spirit, the environment, culture, community and those in it thrive.

  • Group programs, private meditation and nutrition programs are available to men

  • Understanding the needs of women, and the depth of her emotions helps her clear the past and be free and open to her present.

  • Creating a balance of health, mental, emotional and physical for the benefit and prosperity of all

To educate and inspire career women in a greater connection with her feminine energy, energy of intuition, trust, balance and overall well being.  It is here a woman grounds into her feelings, her present living and makes choices and decisions that are based on herself, leading her to joy, pleasure, passion and bliss